Universal Mind Project – “The Jaguar Priest” (2016)


Label: Inner Wound Recordings

Review by Tony Cannella

Universal Mind Project are a multi-national band that were formed in 2012. They have just released their debut album via Inner Wound entitled “The Jaguar Priest”. The band is very good at delivering a power/progressive metal style to the listener. In addition, UMP were helped out by some big name friends on a few songs, but it is still the main musicians that deliver the goods on “The Jaguar Priest”. On their own, Universal Mind Project are extremely talented, but they have also assembled an impressive array of guests who are also huge contributors to “The Jaguar Priest”. The power metal genre is definitely a crowded field, but UMP sure has what it takes to stand out and be recognized on their own merits. The band utilizes several different vocal styles. Clean female vocals (supplied by Elina Laivera), clean male vocals courtesy of Henrik Båth and for fans of more extreme vocals you have growls which are performed by guitarist Michael Alexander and one of the guest stars Mark Jansen from Epica. “Anthem for Freedom” kicks things off and features Mark Jansen lending his imitable extreme vocals. From there, the album continues on with “Truth”, another solid track. Other highlights include: “The Bargain of Lost Souls”, “Dreamstate” and “The Jaguar Priest” (featuring original Dream Theater vocalist Charlie Dominici). “The Jaguar Priest” is indeed an excellent debut. The songs are beautifully arranged, written and executed. The end result is proof of the talent that Universal Mind Project possess.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Anthem for Freedom
  2. Truth
  3. The Bargain of Lost Souls
  4. Dreamstate
  5. Awakened by the Light (Universal Mind)
  6. A World That Burns
  7. Seven
  8. The Jaguar Priest
  9. The Force of Our Creation
  10. Xibalba


Line Up

  • Elina Laivera – Vocals
  • Henrik Båth – Vocals
  • Nils K Rue – Vocals on “Bargain of Lost Souls” (Guest)
  • Mark Jansen – Growls on “Anthem For Freedom”, “Truth” and “Dreamstate” (Guest)
  • Charlie Dominici – Vocals on “The Jaguar Priest” (Guest)
  • Diego Valdez – Vocals on “Awakened by the Light” and “Seven” (Guest)
  • Michael Alexander – Guitars, Growls
  • Johan Reinholz – Guitar solo on “The Force of Our Creation” (Guest)
  • Mike LePond – Bass on “Truth” and “The Force of Our Creation” (Guest)
  • Emanuele Casali – Keyboards on all tracks (Guest)
  • Alex Landenburg  – Drums
  • Alessandro Bissa – Drums on “Dreamstate”, “Anthem For Freedom”, “Awakened by the Light”, “Bargain of Lost Souls” and “Truth” (Guest)



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