Unleash the Archers – “Behold the Devastation” (2009)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Canada’s Unleash the Archers formed in 2007. In 2009 they released their debut album “Behold the Devastation”. “Behold the Devastation” contains 8-songs and almost 40-minutes worth of music, which while okay is nowhere near as good as the band’s latest album “Demons of the Astrowaste”.

“Behold the Devastation” is pretty devastating, to say the least. The songs are faster paced than on their latest “Demons of the Astrowaste”. The screaming male vocals are more prevalent on this album, than their latest and it lacks the variety that UTA have displayed on their latest album. From the very first song “Eat What You Kill”, the band displays more of an aggressive thrash/death metal vibe. The riffs are absolutely monstrous throughout the album and “Behold the Devastation” features some cool material: “The Ritual and the Reckoning”, “Destroyer” and “Black Goat of the Woods” are all pretty intense. I have no problem with the guttural male vocals, I think they are well done and accentuate the aggressiveness of the songs, but I am glad that Brittney Hayes has stepped up and provided more vocals on their latest.

With “Behold the Devastation” Unleash the Archers has provided a more primal, raw, thrash-like experience compared to the awesome latest album “Demons of the Astrowaste”. “Behold the Devastation” is good but Unleash the Archers has matured so much since this release. This is good for what it is – the debut album from a band whose best years are still to come. Still, fans who like the more aggressive stuff may prefer this one.

Rating – 74/100



  1. Eat What You Kill
  2. The Ritual and the Reckoning
  3. Destroyer
  4. The Worthy and the Weak
  5. Black Goat of the Woods
  6. The Filth and the Fable
  7. Tied To A Stag
  8. Four In Hand


Line Up

  • Brittney Hayes – Vocals
  • Brayden Dyzckowski – Guitar, Screams
  • Mike Selman – Guitar
  • Zahk Hedstrom – Bass
  • Scott Buchanen – Drums


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