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Review by Tony Cannella

Back in my formative metal years, I “discovered” many a great band because of their album cover art (that’s how I first got into Iron MaidenDerek Riggs ruled) which – back then – was the first impression you would get from a band. Of course cool album cover art means nothing if the music on the album isn’t very good (and I’ve had those experiences as well). This brings me to the Canadian band Unleash the Archers. Their cover artwork immediately piqued my interest; fortunately the music contained on the CD came through big time – and then some, actually they exceeded all of my expectations – this band is a whole lot more than just cool cover art (although their artwork is excellent). On their latest release “Demons of the Astrowaste”, Unleash the Archers deliver over an hour’s worth of melodic power heavy metal, combined with thrash metal riffs and some intense Mark Janssen from Epica type screams courtesy of Brayden Dyzckowski (he also plays guitar).

After the 45-second intro “00:00:01”, Unleash the Archers launches straight into “Dawn of Ages”. Next is the fierce “The Realm of Tomorrow” which comes at us seamlessly following “Dawn of Ages”. This is just a great song that showcases the powerful vocals of Brittney Hayes along with the guttural screams of Brayden. I know that sometimes (okay a lot of times) the adjective powerful is overused to describe a vocalist, but in this case I can’t think of any other word that would be appropriate, so forgive me but Brittney Hayes’ vocals are powerful. There is no letting up as the relentless “General of the Dark Army” comes blasting through. “Demons of the Astrowaste” possesses very few down moments. I even liked the guttural screams in conjunction with Brittney’s vocals – the two vocals works well together and is an asset to the band. Other highlights include: “Despair”, “Outlander” and “City of Iron”. Yes, Unleash the Arches are melodic, but they do not sacrifice any of their heaviness. The songs have plenty of force and aggression.

I was hugely impressed by the sheer ferocity and melodicism that Unleash the Archers supply on “Demons of the Astrowaste”. The album maintains a heavy metal vibe and consistency throughout its duration. Since this album came out, the band has added a second guitarist and has changed bass players. Next up for these Canadians is a three song EP called “Defy the Skies”.

Rating – 94/100



  1. 00:00:01
  2. Dawn of Ages
  3. The Realm of Tomorrow
  4. General of the Dark Army
  5. Daughters of Winterstone
  6. Battle in the Shadow (Of The Mountain)
  7. Despair
  8. The Outlander
  9. City of Iron
  10. The Fall of the Galactic Guard
  11. Astral Annihilation
  12. Ripping Through Time


Line Up

  • Brittney Hayes – Vocals
  • Brayden Dyzckowski – Guitar, Screams
  • Zahk Hedstrom – Bass
  • Scott Buchanen – Drums



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