Vagrant God – “Vagrant God” (2012)


Label: Secret Quarters

Review by Davide Torresan

I have to say that it was a surprise to rediscover the duo Tom Simonsen and Cecilie Langlie in another musical project. Havnatt, Omit, Skumring…I have lost count! The most interesting thing is that each one offers a different sound thanks also to the contribution, in the case of Vagrant God, of another musician. In fact Kjetil Ottersen plays the guitar and the keyboard which definitely abound in this debut album. His name should not pass by unnoticed to the lovers of doom metal since he was  the guitarist of the metal band Funeral. And the name of our Norwegian band comes from the 5th track of their album “From These Wounds”: Vagrant God.

Listening to Havnatt I wondered how Cecilie‘s voice could be in a metal band. With Vagrant God my wish has come true and I can not help but being happy. “Vagrant God” is a beautiful cd of melodic gothic metal which draws fully from the sound of the first Lacuna Coil, especially for the section rhythmic and the guitars’ sound. The atmospheric and ethereal parts in which Cecilie sings, alternate to some others with the guitar riffs and Tom‘s growl (what a surprise!). “Stigma”, in its great simplicity, has a charming main melody that will get stuck in your head for hours. Right from the first notes “Ocean Bed” enchanted me with the sweet sound of the piano in the background which perfectly fits with the sweet voice of Cecilie. The continuous search for the perfect melody and a high songwriting level have been kept also for the following songs like “To the Garden” with its beautiful choruses and the captivating guitar line of “Insignia”. Towards the end of the album there is “Birds of Leaving” which is the most daring and easy-going song of the work since its sound is close to pop and melodic rock. Head-banger cannot live on gothic metal alone. To sum it up, “Vagrant God” isn’t an ambitious album, it doesn’t contribute to add something to modern gothic/doom metal. Its main feature is that in its simplicity it’s very refined and elegant, direct and effective though we are in 2013. If you are a lover of this genre you have to buy it because it is worth it!

Rating – 88/100



  1. Perfect Innocence
  2. Stigma
  3. Ocean Bed
  4. To the Garden
  5. In My Failings
  6. The Pathos Weavers
  7. Insignia
  8. Birds of Leaving
  9. Mentor


Line Up

  • Cecilie Langlie – Vocals
  • Tom Simonsen – Vocals
  • Kjetil Ottersen – Guitars, backing vocals, keyboards/synths/piano, drum programming


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