Label: Valkyre Rising

Review by Tony Cannella

From Belgium, the melodic metal band Valkyre were formed in 2004, but have only now just released their debut full-length “Our Glorious Demise”.

“Our Glorious Demise” consists of 10-songs and 41-minutes worth of great music and songs that are as memorable as they are infectious. Lead vocalist Claudia has a clear, clean and instantly likeable voice which is quite evident from the opening track “Stories”. This song starts of with a slower tempo before picking up and to a racing, galloping pace. “Call of the Valkyrie” is a burst power metal passion and the following song “A Good Day to Die” has a ton of atmosphere. Other highlights included: “Walk My Love”, “Consolamentum” and “Whispering Thoughts”.

“Our Glorious Demise” is a gloriously melodic and infectious album and one that should please fans who like their metal brimming with melody.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Stories
  2. Call of the Valkyrie
  3. A Good Day to Die
  4. Will U Be There
  5. Walk My Love
  6. Consolamentum
  7. Wide Awake
  8. Mother
  9. Whispering Thoughts
  10. I Am Here


Line Up

  • Claudia Michelutti – Vocals
  • Kris Scheerlinck – Guitars
  • Erik Vanhauwaert – Guitars
  • Tom Everaert – Bass
  • Nele Colle – Keyboards & additional vocals
  • Peter Van Sweevelt – Drums



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