Label : Inner Wound Recordings

Review by Tony Cannella

From Brazil, the band Vandroya has existed since 2001. They released their debut 2-song demo “Within Shadows” in 2005 and have finally returned with their power metal extravaganza of a debut full-length entitled, “One”. Lead vocalist Daisa Munhoz can already be heard on the last Soulspell offering “Hollow’s Gathering” and on “One” she proves to be one of the best voices in the power metal genre.

“All Becomes One” is the ominous intro track that leads us into power metal masterpiece “The Last Free Land”. The musicianship is up-tempo and lead vocalist Daisa Munhoz’s vocals are remarkable as they soar right along with the music. In an age when so many female fronted metal is dominated by operatic vocals and extreme vocals (not that there is anything wrong with that), it is refreshing to hear someone who just goes out there and sings in a power metal style. One of the songs that stood out for me is the stirring ballad “Why Should We Say Goodbye?” which is just phenomenal. The song “Change the Tide” can also be heard on the “Hollow’s Gathering” CD as a duet with Michael Vescera. This version re-done and features vocals from Leandro Cacoilo (Soulspell, Seventh Seal) in place of Vescera’s. “This World of Yours” is another up-tempo, powerful number and the final track “Solar Night” is a great way to end things. Other Highlights: “No Oblivion for Eternity”, “Within Shadows” and “Anthem (For the Sun)”.

Musically, Vandroya falls in the same vein as such legendary bands as Kamelot, Sonata Arctica and Stratovarius, and I would absolutely put them right up there with those bands in terms of quality. In addition to Daisa, Vandroya also features guitarists Marco Lambert and Rodolfo Pagotta – both of which also appear on the “Hollow’s Gathering” metal opera. Vandroya is completed by the steady rhythm section of Giovanni Perlatti on bass and drummer Otavio Nunez. This combination presents us with an absolutely lethal – and thoroughly enjoyable – debut.

Rating – 90/100



  1. All Becomes One
  2. The Last Free Land
  3. No Oblivion for Eternity
  4. Within Shadows
  5. Anthem (For the Sun)
  6. Why Should We Say Goodbye
  7. Change the Tide
  8. When Heaven Decides to Call
  9. This World of Yours
  10. Solar Night


Line Up

  • Daísa Munhoz – Vocals
  • Marco Lambert – Guitar
  • Rodolfo Pagotto – Guitar
  • Giovanni Perlati – Bass
  • Otávio Nuñez – Drums



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