Venturia – “Dawn of a New Era” (2012)


Label : Lion Music

Review by Tony Cannella

From France, the melodic metal band Venturia released their debut album “The New Kingdom” in 2006. After a few line-up changes Venturia are now back to mark the “Dawn of a New Era” – that is actually the title of their 3rd and newest album, but it could also refer to a fresh start for the band due to their line-up changes.

As the heavy guitar riff for opener “Devil in Disguise” kicks in, it is clear that Venturia have a strong sense of melody with some great vocals provided by Lydie Lazulli. The next song “Secret Dream” has an infectious melody that just stays with you long after you’ve heard it for the first time. The shredding opening guitar riff kick-starts “A New Dawn Rising” – this is also the first we hear from the male vocalist Charly Sahona who took over following the departure of Mark Ferreira, Charly also contributes guitars and keyboards. “What We’re Here For” continues on in the same direction and is followed by the excellent “What If I” which features some of Lydie’s best vocal work and the band has filmed a video for the track (solid choice!). “Dawn of a New Era” is closed out by the trio of “Phoenix”, “Spiritual Path” and “A Land of Dreams”. For the most part, Lydie Lazulli handles the vocals with her clean singing style but she is occasionally joined by male vocalist Charly Sahona.

In the end, “Dawn of a New Era” is a satisfying release and one that is melodic yet also maintains a heavy, powerful and straight-forward vibe throughout its 39-minute playing time. When it comes to melodic metal “Dawn of a New Era” definitely hits the mark.

Rating – 78/100



  1. Devil in Disguise
  2. Secret Dream
  3. A New Dawn Rising
  4. What We’re Here For
  5. What If I
  6. Phoenix
  7. Spiritual Path
  8. A Land of Dreams


Line Up

  • Lydie Lazulli – Vocals
  • Charly Sahona – Guitars, Keys & Vocals
  • Thomas James Potrel – Bass
  • Frederic Marchal – Drums


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