Visions of Atlantis – “Old Routes – New Waters” EP (2016)


Label: Napalm Records

Review by Tony Cannella

The Austrian symphonic metal band Visions of Atlantis has changed many musicians over the years. Now, the band returns with not one, but two new lead singers. Their new female vocalist is Clémentine Delauney who fans might know from Serenity. The other new vocalist is Siegfried Samer whom is also a member of the band Dragony. Their first recorded work this new line-up is the EP “Old Routes – New Waters” which sees the band re-record some VOA classics and it works quite well. “Old Routes – New Waters” includes 5 re-recorded songs. The two new singers work well together. Clémentine Delauney is amazing, something that anyone who has heard her with Serenity already know, but the most surprising thing to me was the performance of the new male vocalist Siegfried Samer. I was not familiar with his previous work, but I was very impressed and really do feel that he is the best male vocalist that they have had. That of course is a matter of opinion but I really love his work with Clémentine on this new EP. Of the five songs, VOA has re-recorded 4 previously done with the late Nicole Bogner and one with Melissa Ferlaak. Both singers injects their style into each song and the results are quite good. I would never suggest that there was room for improvement on the original versions, but the band has managed to take these already great songs, and with their new members, have injected new life into them. I am very much looking forward to hearing an album of new material from this line-up.

Rating – 87/100



  1. Lovebearing Storm
  2. Lost
  3. Winternight
  4. Seven Seas
  5. Last Shut of Your Eyes


Line Up

  • Clémentine Delauney – Lead vocals
  • Siegfried Samer – Lead vocals
  • Werner Fiedler – Guitars
  • Chris Kamper – Keyboards
  • Michael Koren – Bass
  • Thomas Caser – Drums

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