Visions of Atlantis – “Wanderers” (2019)


Napalm Records

Review by Tony Cannella

The Austrian band Visions of Atlantis’ story can be summed up in one word – perseverance. The band has been in existence for almost 20-years with drummer Thomas Caser being the only original member. This amazing symphonic metal band returns with their seventh album “Wanderers”. This is their second with the great vocalist Clémentine Delauney and she is joined by male vocalist Michele Guaitoli who makes his debut with the band – and what a great debut it is. First of all, the songs on “Wanderers” are beautifully crafted, produced and performed. The chemistry between the two vocalists is off the charts and this may be their best vocal duo yet. I really hope this is their line-up for the next ten years because I think they have really hit on something special. The band gets off to a strong start with “Release My Symphony”, a great opening track and one of my favorites. “Heroes of the Dawn” is equally epic. The beautiful and emotional ballad “Nothing Last Forever” is next and is another highlight. The band quickens the tempo with the anthemic “A Journey to Remember”. The mid-tempo “To the Universe” is another favorite. More highlights include: “Into the Line” (another terrific ballad), “Wanderers” and “At the End of the Word”. “Wanderers” is such a mind-blowingly epic record, that I really do believe this to be Visions Of Atlantis’ best record to date. VoA have really delivered a truly inspired and impressive symphonic metal masterpiece. 2019 is not quite over yet, but this has my vote for album of the year.

Rating – 95/100


  1. Release My Symphony
  2. Heroes of the Dawn
  3. Nothing Last Forever
  4. A Journey to Remember
  5. A Life of Our Own
  6. To the Universe
  7. Into the Light
  8. The Silent Scream
  9. The Siren & The Sailor
  10. Wanderers
  11. At the End of the World

Line Up

  • Clémentine Delauney – Vocals
  • Michele Guaitoli – Vocals
  • Christian Douscha – Guitars
  • Herbert Glos – Bass Guitar
  • Thomas Caser – Drums


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