VV.AA – “Metal From Finland Collection” (2014)


Label: Outlanders Productions

Review by CriX

What happen when the most important metal encyclopedia online dedicated to the Finnish bands meets a production company like Outlanders Production? A compilation of metal songs from Finland of course. Metal from Finland is the most famous site about Finnish metal music since 2003 where the metalheads from all over the world can find news, info and discover new bands. Outlanders Productions was created in May 2013 with  for the passion for the music and they offer different services for artists such as digital distribution, design of graphic materials, website. The collection was released on 17th October 2014 and it features two CDs, the bands involved are 26 and the genres are ranging from rock to death metal, just to name a few and in this case we’ll focus on the female fronted bands present on this release so let’s start with Lovijatar which is a band created by Jussi Rautio from Battlelore and Tommi Vaittinen from Elephant Bell and they play a sorta of folk rock where are recounted the Kalevala’s deeds. “Sokea paimen”, is a new song in which Lumimarja Wilenius performed as guest vocals and the lyrics are partly taken from Eino Leino‘s poet “Tuonelan Joutsen”, it means blind “Shepherd”. The sound is quite peculiar and  “Sokea paimen” starts with a chorus of male and female voices. Dark Dawn Project is a symphonic gothic fantasy metal band and the singer is Armi Päivinen (In Silentio Noctis) that proposes the catchy “Dragonborn”. Every detail was painstakingly studied and I love the contrast between her vocals and the growl. Teardown was founded back in 2001 and singer Katja Pieksämäki joined the band in 2003 whose the first album “Inner Distortions” was released in March 2013 and it ranked to Finnish album chart in number 35. The melancholic sound of “Horns” is a perfect match with the roaring voice. Viper Arms is an all-female rock band that plays passionate rock’n roll with hard rock influences, “Closer” is pure energy and while listening to it makes impossible to not start singing. Noumena, a melodic death metal band, released the fourth album “Death Walks With Me” back in April 2013 and from it was taken from the title-track which has some strong riffs, a well-balanced interchange between Suvi Uura‘s female vocals and Antti Haapanen‘s growl. Helsinki’sEmbassy of Silence don’t need further introduction and here, in this compilation, are offering the single “Shame, Spin and Click” taken from their latest release “Verisimilitude”: a poppish sound takes over and makes of it a really catchy track.  Our last band here is Psalm for the Dead Sun whose musical journey started back in 2010: they offer a new, fresh and powerful sound in their debut album “Holy Charade” that was released back in April 2015. The sound of “Psalm Zero” is melancholic and mystique and the voice of Jenny Malmberg is just perfect, I could listening to this song all time. “Metal from Finland Collection” is a must have, with this double CD you will discover new bands and you will be happy to have bought it.

Rating – 95/100



CD 1

  1. Frosttide – “Awakening”
  2. Medicated – “Fever”
  3. Suicidal Ride – “Suicidal Ride” (previously unreleased)
  4. Beyond The Dream – “Sunset Upon Rust” (previously unreleased)
  5. Lovijatar – “Sokea Paimen” (previously unreleased)
  6. Mad Hatter’s Den – “Welcome to the Den”
  7. Dark Dawn Project – “Dragonborn”
  8. Division XIX – “Mobilization”
  9. Teardown – “Horns”
  10. Cry of Pain – “Made to Last”
  11. Wrathrone – “Left Unburied”
  12. Viper Arms – “Closer”
  13. Church of Void – “Mad Mortician”


CD 2

  1. Enthring – “Citadel”
  2. Fractured Spine – “Dead to Me”
  3. Burnclear – “Lost for Life”
  4. Noumena – “Death Walks With Me”
  5. Among the Prey – “My Demons”
  6. Embassy of Silence – “Shame, Spin and Click”
  7. Prayed & Betrayed – “Deafblind”
  8. Crimsonic – “In the End”
  9. Thyrien – “Forest Is My Throne”
  10. Psalms for the Dead Sun – “Psalm Zero”
  11. Torchia – “Your Blood in My Veins”
  12. Block Of Flats – “Erase Me”
  13. Lucy Pherson – “Three Rivers”





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