Label: Ferocity Records

Review by Tony Cannella

We Are the Catalyst is an Alternative metal duo from Sweden. Catrin Feymark is the female vocalist and she is joined by male vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Kenny Boufadene. Both are from the Swedish band One Without – who were a pretty awesome band in their own right – and has joined forces to release a debut album called “Monuments”. The fact that these two are from One Without definitely piqued my interest.

We Are the Catalyst are certainly one talented duo. Catrin Feymark is the main vocalist but Kenny Boufadene chimes in from time to time with his rough vocal delivery. It really is an awesome combination. The opener is “Fight for Air” which features some killer vocal harmonies and a bit of a Paramore vibe – only heavier. “The Void” has a straight-forward guitar riff as the song settles into a nice deliberate mid-tempo groove and progressively speeds up. This song has an instant impact with its great vocals and heavy melodicism. Although it doesn’t start off like it, “Under the Surface” has some heavy moments. “Every Minute Every Day”, “Never Fall” and “Not Alone” is some other highlights and “What We Are” has a heavy punk vibe and is just a great song.

With “Monuments”, We Are the Catalyst have created an album that is quite diverse, pulsing with energy and just plain cool. I’m sure WATC will draw comparisons to bands like Paramore and Evanescence and they should appeal to fans of those bands but their heaviness is ultimately what will set them apart.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Fight for Air
  2. The Void
  3. Under the Surface
  4. Every Minute Every Day
  5. Never Fall
  6. Not Alone
  7. On Your Knees
  8. A Life a Lie
  9. Our Way to the Sun
  10. Time Will Show
  11. What You Are
  12. Change
  13. The Edge


Line Up

  • Catrin Feymark  – Vocals
  • Kenny Boufadene – Vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards & drum programming



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