Whispering Woods – “Perditus et Dea” (2015)


Label: Loud Rage Music

Review by Tony Cannella

“Perditus Et Dea” is the second album from the Romanian/dark/ gothic metal band Whispering Woods. Musically and lyrically the band definitely likes to explore the darker side of life and “Perditus…” certainly continues this.

The intro “Perditus” segues mightily into “Original Sin” which is followed by the excellent “Demon Blood”. Actually one of the biggest highlights for me has no vocals at all. With all due respect to the vocalists Alexandra and Corina – both of whom are just awesome – but I love the beautiful instrumental “My Altar”. The track that follows is another great one. At almost 9-minutes “Farewell Ladybug” has this great big, epic feel to it and the two vocalists are quite magical together even though there are no lyrics to the song. This song is very interesting with a flute being the dominant instrument and the two sopranos working magic together and using their voices like another instrument. There are indeed some heavy parts and plenty of time changes and progressive like passages. “Poetica” is a pretty eerie number with some male narration and some pretty potent blasts of heaviness.

Combined with some solid and intricate riffs along with some stunning vocals, Whispering Woods has delivered a truly worthy sophomore record.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Perditus
  2. Original Sin
  3. Demon Blood
  4. Calusarii
  5. Autumnal
  6. My Altar
  7. Farewell Ladybug
  8. Poetica
  9. If Ever
  10. Timeless
  11. Circle Complete
  12. Dea


Line Up

  • Alexandra Burca – Vocals (Soprano)
  • Corina Hamat – Vocals (Mezzo-soprano)
  • Doru Cailean – Guitars
  • Cora Miron – Keyboards (studio)
  • Radu Tofan – Keyboards (live)
  • Istvan Vladareanu – Bass
  • Catalina Popa – Flute
  • Alex Dascal – Drums






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