Label: Relapse Records

Review by Alysha Hayden

Windhand formed in 2009 in Richmond, VA and this quintet have been releasing stoner doom albums to the metal scene ever since. “Grief’s Infernal Flower” is their third full length album and was back in September 2015. Firstly the album cover, I like the overgrown cemetery they’ve featured on their cover. A place time has forgotten and nature has claimed back for it’s own. “Two Urns” opens the album and certainly sets the tone for what comes next, with doom themes in their lyrics and a methodical sound, this track is a keeper. Additionally, Windhand have shot a for this track which can be viewed here. Leisurely is a word to use to describe this album and it’s certainly reflected in the track lengths, with two songs going over 14 minutes. Windhand’s long drawn out riffs is certainly for an acquired audience, though I must say they do it well. I found the vocals for this album, while beautiful, a little without texture. It appeared as if every lyric was delivered in monotone and the overall sound for each track is so similar, it’s just a methodical execution of the same sound for the entire album. “Grief’s Infernal Flower” is undisputedly one of the best work Windhand has released to date and they’re bound to only get better as time progresses. If you love long, slow riffs in your doom then this is an album for you.

Review – 70/100


  1. Two Urns
  2. Forest Clouds
  3. Crypt Key
  4. Tanngrisnir
  5. Sparrow
  6. Hyperion
  7. Hesperus
  8. Kingfisher
  9. Aition


Line Up

  • Dorthia Cottrell – Vocals
  • Asechiah Bogdan – Guitar
  • Garrett Morris – Guitar
  • Parker Chandler – Bass
  • Ryan Wolfe – Drums

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