ZUN – “Burial Sunrise” (2016)


Label: Small Stone Recordings

Review by Warren Mayocchi

There is a laid back atmosphere on “Burial Sunrise”, so it came as no surprise to discover ZUN are considered a desert rock band. Listening to them you can see the shimmering heat on the horizon in the guitar work, feel the constant sun in the ever-present thundering drums, and hear your will dripping away into a laconic puddle of “don’t bother me”. The vocals are swapped from song to song between John Garcia and Sera Timms with accompaniment by Gary Arce (guitars), Mario Lalli (bass), Robby Krieger (sitar), Harper Hug (drums/synths), and Bill Stinson (drums). Musically there is a lush bleakness to the songs which sets a mood for the entire album. The longest track is 8 minutes long which explains why there are the seemingly few six tracks in total. “Nothing Farther” opens the album and it is the shortest track at just under 5 minutes. It is my favourite track sung by John Garcia. He uses a clear style on “Nothing Farther” not to be repeated on his other vocal tracks. On the others his voice takes becomes an echoing psychedelic reflection of the music. “Solar Incantation” closes the album with a groovy bass line and dreamy vocals by Sera Timms. All of her vocals feature a similar style and sound almost like a themed trilogy broken apart by the John Garcia led tracks. “Into the Wasteland” threatens to halt on every note it does give one the impression of a hard trek into despair. Overall this is a moody album with an atmospheric psychedelic sound performed by a expert musicians. I do wonder how a song with John and Sera singing together might play, but the alternating approach taken here works well.

Rating – 84/100



  1. Nothing Farther
  2. Into the Wasteland
  3. All For Nothing
  4. Come Through the Water
  5. All That You Say I Am
  6. Solar Incantation


Line Up

  • John Garcia – Vocals
  • Sera Timms – Vocals
  • Gary Arce – Guitars, Bass & Lapsteel
  • Mario Lalli – Bass
  • Robby Krieger – Electric sitar
  • Bill Stinson – Drums
  • Harper Hug – Drums & Synths






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