14ten – “Inner Reflection” (2009)


Independent Release

Review by Danny Robertson

This is “Inner Reflection”, the debut album from Oxford-based British rockers 14ten, who waste no time in grabbing the listenner’s attention with opening track “Raw”, consisting of equal-parts attitude and rock swagger, especially in singer Rachel‘s vocals. Elsewhere on the album, tracks such as “Save You”, “Social Identity” and highlight “Why?” demonstrate the band’s ability to take their collective classic rock and metal influences and channel them into something a little more contemporary, rather than just sounding like a thousand bands you’ve heard before. Throughout the album, there’s a real sense of confidence in 14ten‘s sound, with singer Rachel never holding back, sounding much like an english Doro Pesch at times and pushing everything up a level. A good start then, for 14ten. This would appeal to fans of Doro, Heart and 10,000 Maniacs.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Raw
  2. Layers of Change
  3. Let in Me
  4. The Looking Glass
  5. Save You
  6. Wash Your Face in the Rain
  7. Carnal Sin
  8. Shards of Glass
  9. Social Identity
  10. Why ?
  11. Raise the Stakes
  12. Before It’s Begun


Line Up

  • Rachel – Vocals
  • Andy –Guitars
  • Steve – Bass 
  • Brian – Drums  



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