69 Chambers – “War on the Inside” (2009)


Label : Silverwolf Productions

Review by Tony Cannella

The debut effort from Swiss rock/metal trio 69 Chambers is not at all what I expected. One more reason to never judge a book (or band) by its cover. What I was expecting on their debut “War on the Inside” was something a little more Goth, based on the bands look, song titles, etc. I could not have been more wrong. Instead, what you get is 13-songs and 55-minutes worth of raw, stripped down, hard rock/metal music, with some truly heavy, early Sabbath inspired riffs and songs that are just flat out good, with tons of potential commercial appeal. 69 Chambers are fronted by the heavily tattooed guitarist/vocalist Nina. Joining her in the band is bass player Maddy and drummer Diego. Nina’s vocals are very strong and have almost a bluesy quality to them.“The Day of the Locust” is the sonically devastating opening track. A great, heavy riff kicks off the track. The punk-like “Bloodaxe” is like a runaway train until the melodic and catchy chorus surfaces. “Thinking About You” is next and continues to forge a very energetic pace. Other highlights include: “On The Inside”, “Judas Goat” and the psychedelic “The Collapse of Time and Space”. The final track “A Ruse” is a beautiful acoustic number that closes the CD in a calm manner. “War on the Inside” is a trippy, heavy, melodic, raw rock record by 69 Chambers. A pretty solid debut from this Swiss band.

Rating – 85/100



  1. The Day of the Locust
  2. Layers of Change
  3. Bloodaxe
  4. Thinking About You
  5. On the Inside
  6. Ex Nihilo
  7. Return of the Repressed
  8. Judas Goat
  9. The Collapse of Time and Space
  10. Wind Feeds Fire
  11. Dead Letter Office
  12. Final Memento
  13. Automatic Automata
  14. A Rise


Line Up

  • Nina Treml – Vocals, Guitar
  • Maddy Madarasz – Bass 
  • Diego Rapacchietti – Drums  



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