A New Dawn – “Falling from Grace” (2008)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

A New Dawn hail from The Netherlands. Their Current Line-up looks like this: Elbert de Hoog (Guitar), Sanne Kluiters (Vocals), Jamila Ifzaren (Vocals), Michel van Beekum (Bass), Rik Bruineman (Drums) and Michiel Glas (Grunts), vocals completes the band. Is to notice that in this cd the grunts are provided by Demonica that not so time ago leave the band. Their newest release is titled “Falling from Grace” and it is their first full-length release. The band plays a classy style of theatrical symphonic, progressive metal that is really well crafted and well written and the material that can be heard on “Falling from Grace” is quite strong. The bands strength lies in it’s triple vocal attack. A New Dawn is fronted by not one, but two female vocalists: Sanne Kluiters and Jamila Ifzaren are two really accomplished singers that bring their own style to the table and male singer Michiel Glas is there to add the grunts throughout the CD. It’s a pretty neat combination that really works and enhances the already strong material on “Falling from Grace”. The dramatic intro track “Black Lotus” starts things and it just some cool keyboard music accompanied by some nice operatic female and male vocals. That gives way to the heavy stop and start riffing of “Living Lie” and immediately the listener notices the three different vocal layers that are presented here. It is definitely a strength that the band is only to ready to capitalize upon. The female vocals are from mid-range to operatic and the grunts provided by Demonica are a done very well and the perfect enhancement to the songs. The songs are also quite melodic and the guitar work is intricate with nods to classic metal bands such as Iron Maiden. “Living Lie” also has an insanely catchy chorus that will stick in your head long after hearing it for the first time. The next track “Veil Of Charity” continues with the virtuoso guitar work as the pace speeds up just a bit. While listening to the opening riff on this song, you can almost envision a concert hall full of fans bouncing up and down. It is definitely designed to get you moving. After three songs I was already quite impressed, but track 4 “Darkness Falls” keeps the trend of consistency going and is perhaps the best song of a strong bunch. Of course, picking the best songs is purely a subjective thing and I am sure that other fans will have their own favorite after listening to this CD. “Wisdom Of Hindsight” slows things down a bit at first then in come the crunchy guitars with a nice melodic lead at the beginning of the track. The 1-minute instrumental track “Prelude to a Farewell” is a nice segue into the next track “Kissed Goodbye” which starts off as a ballad, but don’t get too comfortable it changes tempo several times and by the end it is as heavy as anything else on “Falling from Grace”. Other highlights include: “Victimless Tragedy”, “Winter”, “Descending (Ascension Part I)” and the CD’s final track “Ascension (Part II)”. I’ve just mentioned all of the songs, so there are no weaknesses to be found, just nearly 50-minutes of pure metal nirvana.The music contained on “Falling From Grace” is consistent throughout the CD. A New Dawn has things working like a machine on this album. Not only are the vocals fantastic, but the whole package, from the musicianship and especially the guitar work are quite impressive as well – not to mention the melody in which every single one of the 11-tracks possess, that is just the cherry on top. The Netherlands has a rich tradition of some great female fronted metal bands. Not only does A New Dawn add to that tradition, but they almost certainly will carve their own niche and create their own path in the world of metal. It there is any justice that is exactly what will happen.

Rating – 100/100



  1. Black Lotus
  2. Living Lie
  3. Veil of Charity
  4. Darkness Falls
  5. Winsdom of Hindsight
  6. Prelude to a Farewell
  7. Kissed Goodbye
  8. Victimless Tragedy
  9. Winter
  10. Descending (Ascension Part I)
  11. Ascension (Part II)


Line Up

  • Sanne Kluiters – Soprano Vocals
  • Jamila Izfaren – Vocals
  • Monica “Demonica” Janssen – Bass, Growl Vocals
  • Willem Cremer – Guitar
  • Elbert de Hoog – Guitar 
  • Peter van Toren– Drums  



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