A Sound of Thunder – “A Sound of Thunder” EP (2009)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

A Sound of Thunder hails from Washington, D.C. and they play straight forward, heavy metal. No opera vocalists or symphonies are anywhere to be found. This is just straight up, in your face, pounding metal, with classic metal riffs and the strong (to say the least) classic metal vocal style of Nina Osegueda. The pounding “Walls” begins the 4-song, 19-minute EP and right from the outset you get a sense of what A Sound of Thunder is capable of. “Archangel (Wings of Steel)” is up next and begins with a slower tempo, before the Iron Maiden-esque galloping guitar riffs joins in. “Damned If I Do” is next and alternates between being a beautifully haunting ballad and a mid-tempo metal tune. The CD is concluded with by the forceful “The Maidens Fate”. I love symphonic metal with operatic vocals as much as the next guy, but there is something refreshing about the classic metal approach of A Sound of Thunder. Since this debut was released in 2009, A Sound of Thunder has released a West Memphis Three benefit single (a worthy cause, check out www.wm3.org) and a full-length called “Metal Renaissance”. This is a band that should enjoy a great future.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Walls
  2. Archangel (Wings of Steel)
  3. Damned If I Do
  4. The Maiden’s Fate

Line Up

  • Nina Osagueda – Vocals
  • Josh Schwartz –Guitars
  • Jesse Keen – Bass 
  • Chris Haren – Drums



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