Abinchova – “Versteckte Pfade” (2011)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Switzerland’s Blackened Folk Metal outfit Abinchova formed around 2005 and released their debut EP in 2009. Their debut full-length has just been issued and is titled “Versteckte Pfade”, featuring an hour’s worth Black Folk Metal mayhem from this seven member band. Abinchova subscribes to the ‘do-it-yourself’ theory by producing and financing “Versteckte Pfade” themselves. Among the seven members the band is fronted by the aggressively, hellish vocals of Arnaud (he handles the majority of the vocals) and female vocalist Nora (she also plays violin) adds an operatic style to some of the songs. The songs are sung in German and musically, Abinchova delivers an album worth of intensely played metal that combines elements of different genres (like the aforementioned Black and Folk Metal, with a touch of Thrash Metal thrown in for good measure). The overall vibe of the album is undoubtedly heavy and straight-forward with the occasional slower moments added to the mix. “Versteckte Pfade” is an album for die-hard fans who like their Black Metal with Folk overtones. Abinchova will definitely appeal to a selective fan base, but those fans that pick up on “Versteckte Pfade” should be pleased with what they hear.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Präludium
  2. Versteckte Pfade
  3. Hörensagen
  4. Pestfinger
  5. Heimatlos
  6. Die Züsler
  7. Abenteuer
  8. Der Geigenspieler
  9. Ein Lied
  10. Hundert Kaben
  11. Eule


Line Up

  • Arnaud – Vocals
  • Nora – Vocals, Violin
  • Nicolas – Guitar
  • Dave – Guitar
  • Patricia – Keyboards
  • Roberto – Bass
  • Stef – Drums



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