Absinthe – “La Féè Verte” EP (2010)


Label : Green Fairy

Review By Tony Cannella

Absinthe are a powerhouse all female rock/metal band from Southern California. They play no frills, no gimmicks, just straight forward heavy rock, with Infectious and to-the-point guitar riffs combined with contagious melodies and vocal harmonies.Their debut 3-song EP “La Fée Verte” has just been released and it is an impressive first impression from this band.One of the first things that really got me hooked on the EP is the energy and passion that the girls display on these three songs. The songs have a punk-like intensity, mixed with the hard edged rock of Guns N’ Roses and the powerful riffs of AC/DC.  The three songs contained on this EP have a raw energy to them and are just loaded with attitude, as the opening track “Filthy” proves right off the bat. The next track “Pull the Trigger” keeps the energy level up and at just over 3-minutes, this is the longest song, so you know not to expect anything epic, the songs are direct and don’t over stay their welcome. The final track, “Lick It Up” (no, not the KISS song), bring the EP to a thundering conclusion. Absinthe has released an excellent sounding debut EP. “La Fée Verte” is a ferocious CD and one that should please fans of straight-forward, heavy rock n’ roll. 

Rating – 86/100



  1. Filthy
  2. Pull the Trigger
  3. Lick It Up


Line Up

  • Cherokee Fortune – Vocals
  • Briana Alexis – Guitar
  • Terri McCoy – Guitar
  • Shannon Bizzy – Bass
  • Dacey Spinuzzi – Drums



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