Aceldama – “Seduce, Deceive & Lead Astray” (2008)


Independent Release

Review by Jon Estelle

Aceldama is band from the United Kingdom that infuses rock and metal elements together. Lead singer Leanne formed the band in 2005, but things did not really begin to take off until 2007. Aceldama has recently put out their self produced debut album, “Seduce, Deceive & Lead Astray”. A lot of hard work and creative ideas were mixed into this seven track long album. The writing is top notch from beginning to end. The album starts off with the song “Dinosaurs”, which provides an excellent introduction to what the band is about. The track begins with a soft opening but the guitar work quickly kicks in and displays the first of many of the heavier hitting vibes found throughout the album. The vocal work is clean and easy to follow along with. Like most of the tracks found afterwards, you may find yourself quickly singing along. Later on, the song “My End” really caught me. The harmony within the band really shines here and shows that they are capable of incorporating many different elements into one song. The speed and volume varies throughout the six minute journey, leaving behind an intoxicating and catchy impression. While certainly not the only song that accomplished this, it is the one that stood out the most. “The Last Time” closes out the album. The song starts out with very quiet vocals, but quickly gains a lot of aggression. I really enjoyed the instrumental solos sprinkled over the course of this six minute long song. The instrumental work supplements the tone given off by the vocals flawlessly. A great farewell to the listener that will leave them wanting more. Aceldama has set out to create a hard hitting album that really pulls the listener in and manages to deliver just that. “Seduce, Deceive & Lead Astray” is a very professional sounding album that radiates with it’s own original feeling. This debut is well worth a listen through, although you will probably end up giving it quite a few spins. Be sure to crank the volume up all the way, this is one of those albums best listened to loud. Aceldama is off to an excellent start – I know I will be eagerly awaiting more.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Dinosaurs
  2. Do It Again
  3. Fable
  4. My End
  5. Forgotten
  6. Things Will Change
  7. Bridges Burning
  8. Weak
  9. Don’t Say
  10. Hate You More
  11. The Reason Why
  12. The Last Time


Line Up

  • Leanne – Vocals
  • Dawesy – Guitars
  • Ian – Guitars
  • Dan – Bass
  • Paul – Drums



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