Admirabilis – “Above & Beyond” (2007)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Germany’s Admirabilis are described as Dark Melodic Rock.The term does not do them justice however, as the band incorporates metal, electronic and Celtic influences as well, all-the-while maintaining a strong, melodic musical presence that takes the listener on a musical journey that is very enjoyable. Their band line up consists of: Steffi (vocals), Anh (vocals), Mike (guitar), Patrick (bass), Aaron is their drummer for live shows. “Above & Beyond” is the title of their new album and the follow-up to their 2004 debut “Unbelievable”. This album was an unexpected (and pleasant) surprise. The 2-minute instrumental “Trips” sets the mood perfectly and is followed by the title track “Above & Beyond”. The first thing that hits the listener is the stark contrast between the two vocal styles. Steffi‘s vocals are more rock oriented while Anh‘s are more of a classical, operatic nature. The two styles are very different, yet they come together perfectly to convey different emotions. Next is “Much Afraid”. This is more of a mid-tempo number, that is very dramatic sounding. “Down In The Darkness” starts off slow, but is quickly given a boost with a great guitar riff. This song was a definite highlight for me and perhaps the best song that is offered up in this collection, as the vocals of Steffi and Anh really play off each other well. “Stay” is another strong track that features Death Metal screams on the chorus. ‘Rise’ features violin and has kind of a Celtic vibe. “Back Where I Belong” is another great track. Anh really shines here as she takes center stage with her heartfelt vocal approach. Other highlights include: “My Apology”, “Misguided”,“And I You” and “Shallow”.“All I Am” is another high point with the two vocalists playing off each other so effortlessly. It’s kind of unique in the realm of heavy music to have two female singers with such drastic styles, but it absolutely works and this is the strongest aspect of the band, but that is not say that the rest of the group is to be outdone. Everyone delivers a solid, inspired performance. This collection contains 13 songs and there is not one filler in the bunch. Admirabilis have recorded an album worth of well thought out music, with great introspective lyrics. With “Above & Beyond” Admirabilis have set no boundaries or limits, anything is possible. The future is set for this band and my hope is that it is the start of something big. After listening to “Above & Beyond” they deserve it.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Trips
  2. Above & Beyond
  3. Much Afraid
  4. Back in the Darkness
  5. Apology
  6. And I You
  7. Back Where I Belong
  8. Misguided
  9. All I Am
  10. Rise
  11. The Irresistible Feeling
  12. Shallow


Line Up

  • Steffi – Vocals
  • Ahn – Vocals
  • Mike – Guitars
  • Patrick – Bass
  • Aaron – Drums 



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