Adyta – “Rose of Melancholy” EP (2009)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Norway’s Adyta is the symphonic metal project of Joakim Severinsen. When I say this is his project, I mean this is his project. He does just about everything there is to do. He handles guitars, growls, bass and programming as well as composing all of the songs and producing and mixing. Whew! He certainly does a lot, but he did have a bit of help. For this CD he is joined by the great Melissa Ferlaak on female vocals. She was last seen fronting the Austrian symphonic metal band Visions of Atlantis. Okay, let’s get into it… The opening track “Ab Exilio” is just a 2-minute intro that has a big symphony-like feel to it. It’s very well done. As it reaches a crescendo it brings us to the first song “The Ophidian’s Tongue”. The first thing you notice are the great operatic vocals of Melissa Ferlaak. It is really great to hear her angelic voice once again. Contrast that with the brutal vocals of Joakim Severinsen and you have a powerful opening track. Next is the title song “Rose of Melancholy”. It begins with a beautiful piano intro, soon accompanied by some nice lead guitar, before it is off and running, with Melissa‘s vocals leading the way. The song is steady throughout and it has an epic feel to it. Again, I love the contrast between Melissa‘s vocals and Joakim‘s. They work so well together. Next is “Gjennom Tiden”. This song has more of a classical/opera feel to it. It’s just beautiful. Melissa‘s vocals are the only one that is on display here. The final song is perhaps my favorite. “Of a Captive Mind” is just so steady and dramatic that is the perfect way to close things. The lead vocals are split pretty evenly here. When all is said-and-done, you have 5-songs and 22-minutes worth of really high quality and sincere metal, that offers the listener with styles ranging from symphonic metal, classical, operatic, progressive. It all comes together to create an excellent CD. It’s obvious that Joakim Severinsen put a lot of hard work into this CD and that is to be commended. It was also a stroke of genius to tap Melissa Ferlaak as the female vocalist. The entire presentation is quite impressive. The songs, the production, everything is just so well done. Here is hoping that Adyta gets signed soon, because it will be well deserved. I will be looking forward to a full-length from this band, hopefully soon.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Ab Exilio (Prologue)
  2. The Ophidian’s Tongue
  3. Rese of Melancholy
  4. Gjennom Tiden
  5. Of a Captive Mind


Line Up

  • Melissa Ferlaak – Vocals (Session Member)
  • Joakim Severinsen – Guitars, Growl & Composition



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