Aeterna – “Mares de Atracer” EP (2009)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella 

Aeterna are a band from Santiago, Chile. They played a mix of rock, hard rock, metal and alternative. The band line-up looks like this: Camila Cerda (Vocals), Carlos Astorga (Guitars), Rodrigo Nanjarí (guitars), Marcelo Venegas (Bass) and Rubén Gajardo (drums). Their newest recording is a 6-song EP titled “Mares de Atardecer” and it is a pretty good effort that really grows on you. All of the lyrics are sung in Spanish making it a bit unique in that regard. On to the music. The leadoff track “Vuelo Suicida” set the pace straight away. This is a strong track that builds slowly and then settles into a very cool melodic groove. A good start. The next track “LAPSUS” is a minute and a half worth of nice piano music that lead us into the next track, “Casutiverio”. This immediately became one of my favorites. It has an almost laid back rhythm to it that once again builds to a nice steady pace and the vocals of Camila Cerda really stand out here as well as the guitar work of Carlos Astorga and Rodrigo Nanjari. The drummer Ruben Gajardo is quite impressive as well. “256” is another short one, the utilization of various effects gives it a futuristic, science fiction vibe. It is only about 2-minutes long and it leads us directly into the next tune “Apostar”. This one is a ballad and shows off the diversity of the band. Once again the drums really stand out on this one. It is a ballad but it does have it’s heavy bits and it has an epic feel to it. “Lemniscata” is the third instrumental on this CD and albums final track. A good way to end things. I found myself liking “Mares de Atardecer” more and more with each listen. The quality of the production and musicianship is top notch and songs are very good. Overall there is a lot to like about Aeterna and “Mares de Atardecer” is a testament to the talent that this band possesses.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Vuelo Suicida
  2. Lapsus
  3. Cautiverio
  4. 256
  5. Apostar
  6. Lemniscata


Line Up

  • Camila Cerda – Vocals
  • Carlos Astorga –Guitars
  • Rodrigo Nanjari – Guitar 
  • Marcelo Venegas – Bass 
  • Rubén Gajardo – Drums  



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