Aeterna – Promo (2008)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

I already reviewed the latest output from Santiago, Chile’s Aeterna. Their “Mares de Atardecer” CD was an impressive collection of songs that have the ability to appeal to a wide range of rock and metal lovers. This release actually came out prior to the”Mares de Atardecer” CD. As with the “Mares de Atardecer” CD, the band line-up is as follows: Camila Cerda (Vocals), Carlos Astorga (Guitars), Rodrigo Nanjarí (Guitars), Marcelo Venegas (Bass) and Rubén Gajardo (drums). This particular recording is only 4-songs and about 25-minutes long and it contains all of the elements that made “Mares de Atardecer” such an impressive CD. The moody opener “Cautiverio” sets things in motion and it sets good vibe for what is to come. One again you’ll notice that all of the lyrics are sung in Spanish. The next track is the 8-minute classic rock flavored “Pigmalion”. This has a dreamy, floating atmosphere to it and this is a definite highlight for me. Track 3 “Adios” has a heavy alternative metal feel to it in the beginning and than it evolves into a melancholy track with some cool tempo changes. It’s actually a very pretty song. The final track is an acoustic version of “Adios”. You get a new perspective and take on the track and that makes it a worthwhile closer. This 4-track CD is definitely a must for fans of the “Mares de Atardecer” CD. The band has definitely progressed since this CD came out but it’s still good music from a band that will no doubt be heard from again.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Cautiverio
  2. Pigmalion
  3. Adios
  4. Adios (Acoustic Version)


Line Up

  • Camila Cerda – Vocals
  • Carlos Astorga – Guitars, Keyboards
  • Rodrigo Nanjari – Guitar 
  • Marcelo Venegas – Bass 
  • Rubén Gajerdo – Drums  



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