Aftermath – “Tides of Sorrow” (2008)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Sweden’s Aftermath has been in existence since 2007.  In 2008 they released their full-length debut (and to date, only release) “Tides of Sorrow”.  For a ‘full-length’, “Tides of Sorrow” clocks in at only 36-minutes long, so there isn’t much time wasted in the 9-songs that are provided here. On “Tides of Sorrow” Aftermath proves that they are proficient in good symphonic metal as these 9-songs can attest to. The dramatic opening intro “The Calm Before the Storm”, segues into the up-tempo “Broken Wings”. American Vocalist Meliesa McDonnell has a cool style that is similar to Anette Olzon of Nightwish. Most of the songs are high tempo and up-beat in style. Some extreme male vocals are also used on the more aggressive songs, like “White Swan” and “9;2”. The instrumental “Symphony of Death” has a great orchestral atmosphere running through it. The album is completed with the excellent “Tides of Sorrow” and the outro “Aftermath”. Since “Tides of Sorrow” was released, Aftermath has changed the name of the band to the interesting moniker Lapis Lazuli. They have also undergone a major line-up change, replacing vocalist Meliesa McDonell with fellow Swede Frida Eurenius. Hopefully their next recorded output will continue to expand on the groundwork that “Tides of Sorrow” began. 

Rating – 85/100



  1. The Calm Before the Storm
  2. Broken Wings
  3. Dark Lady Anthem
  4. Returning to Life
  5. White Swan
  6. 9;2
  7. Symphony of Death
  8. Tides of Sorrow
  9. Aftermath


Line Up

  • Meliesa McDonell – Vocals
  • Timo Hautamäki – Keyboards, Vocals 
  • Johan Karlsson – Guitar
  • Tobias Rhodin – Guitar
  • Henrik Nyman – Bass
  • Jocke Ivarsson – Drums



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