Akin – “The Way Things End” (2011)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Akin are a Progressive Rock/Metal from France. They were originally formed way back in 1998 and released their debut album “Verse” in 2001. Now, a decade later the band has issued their 2nd album, “The Way Things End”. With a total track-listing of 15-songs and 1 Hour’s worth of music, Akin certainly more than make up for lost time. “The Way Things End” opens with the excellent “The 92nd Flight”. One thing is immediately apparent, these guys and girl are excellent musicians. The thought that comes to mind when you hear ‘Progressive Rock’ are endless songs, with long jams and intricate arrangements. While Akin features strong musicianship their songs are mostly in the 4-6 minutes range. The band also showcases a bit of a classic rock vibe like on “Cassandra” and “Falling Deeper”. Other highlights include: the psychedelic “Enter Spaceman”, “No Second Ride” and the narrative “Miller’s End”. “The Way Things End” is a good sophomore effort after such a long layoff. Having never heard Akin before, I was impressed with their brand of Progressive Rock. Hopefully, this is NOT “The Way Things End”, but it’s only the beginning.

Rating – 85/100



  1. The 92nd Flight
  2. Cassandra
  3. Unhearted
  4. When
  5. Miracles
  6. Burning Skies
  7. Enter Spaceman
  8. No Second Ride
  9. Before the Storm
  10. Resilience
  11. Falling Deeper
  12. Miller’s End
  13. Coma
  14. No Betrayal
  15. A Better End

Line Up

  • Adeline Gurtner – Vocals 
  • Philippe Chauviré – Vocals, flute
  • Julien Chometton – Guitar 
  • Matthieu Baker – Guitar, Back Vocals 
  • Pierre Lucas – Keyboard 
  • Luc Babut – Bass, Programmation 
  • Romain Fayet – Drums 



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