Akroma – “Seth” (2009)


Label : Thundering Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Akroma are a melodic Black Metal band from France. They have just released their second album titled, “Seth”. Musically, Akroma‘s style is Black Metal but the musicianship is of a very high caliber that has some classic metal type of leanings. The songs are sung in their native French language and the vocals are quite – well, let’s just say they are quite interesting and extreme. The duel lead vocals are handled by Alain “Bob” Germonville, with the female vocals being done by Lulu“Seth” features 10-songs and 60-minutes worth of music, and the epic closing number, “Les Tenebres”, clocks in at around the 11-minute mark. The male vocals throughout the CD are delivered in rapid-fire style, and they are the main vocals used on the majority of “Seth”, but the female vocalist Lulu is allowed to shine at moments throughout the course of the CD. She has a very beautiful operatic style that really is a highlight whenever she is allowed to take the spotlight – “Les Taons” and “La Grêle” are perfect examples of this. The music certainly has it’s chaotic moments, but I came away being impressed by the musicianship. Musically, this band is really excellent, it is the male vocals that will be a main sticking point with a lot of people. If you can get passed that, than Akroma are a band that may be worth the risk.

Rating – 75/100



  1. L’Eau Changée en Sang
  2. Les Grenouilles
  3. Les Moustiques
  4. Les Taons
  5. La Peste du Bétail
  6. Les Ulcères
  7. La Grêle
  8. Les Sauterelles
  9. La Mort des Primieres Nés
  10. Les Ténèbres


Line Up

  • Lulu de Angalys – Vocals
  • Alain “Bob Germonville – Vocals
  • Mattieu Morand – Guitars, drums & programmation
  • Flavien Morel – Keyboards
  • Nicolas Colnot – Bass 



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