Alchemy Room – “Origin of Fears/A Matter of Time” (2009/2011)


Label : Nomadism Records

Review by Tony Cannella

As far as Progressive Rock and Metal is concerned, you take the good with the bad. Some people love the intricate arrangements and endless songs, while others may find it somewhat of a bore. That brings me to Italy’s Alchemy Room. I doubt this album – which features their 2009 debut, “Origin of Fears” and their brand spankin’ new 3-song EP “A Matter of Time” – will do anything to change perceptions about Progressive Metal, fans of the genre should love this, non fans, not so much. The first 6-songs are taken from the bands 2009 debut “Origin of Fears”, beginning with the intricate “Inside My Fear”. Musically, Alchemy Room adds plenty of heaviness and classic metal style riffs to go along with the meticulously crafted songs. The second track is the monstrous epic “La Fin Absolue Du Monde”. This song clocks in at whopping 15-minutes and really shows off the overall talent of these fine musicians, including vocalist Irene Mondino. The riffs come crashing in rapid fire succession. “Obsession Red Blood” and “Lost” are two more fine tracks, which lead us into the albums coup de grace with the two part “Waking the Child”. The first part is 13-minutes long, while part 2 clocks in at close to 10-minutes. After that we have the 3-song EP “A Matter of Time”. The songs on “A Matter of Time” are shorter and I think this is a more focused effort than “Origin of Fears”. “Into the Deep” begins with a softer approach before the song slowly builds steam and eventually becomes a powerhouse of a track. The ethereal “Indigo” begins with a dreamy vibe to it and Irene Mondino turns in her best vocal performance. This track is a bit different from the other material presented here and really stood out for me, and also shows that the band is not afraid to spread their creative wings. The 7-minute title song continues with the softer direction, before the heavy riffs once again join the fray. This song also features a number of cool tempo changes. Musically, I would compare Alchemy Room to some of the heavier progressive metal bands like early Fates Warning (John Arch era) and early Queensryche. Alchemy Room is hampered by subpar production at times (mostly on “Origin of Fears”, the production on “A Matter of Time” is much better), hopefully this is something that will be rectified on future releases. Judging by how the band has grown from “Origin of Fears” to “A Matter of Time”, it really has me looking forward to their next full-length. I would highly recommend Alchemy Room to anyone who loves all things prog, epic and grandiose.

Rating – 71/100  – “Origin of Fears”

Rating – 85/100  – “A Matter of Time”


“Origin of Fears” (2009)

  1. Inside My Fear
  2. La Fin Absolue Du Monde
  3. Obsession Red Blood
  4. Lost
  5. Waking the Child – Part I
  6. Waking the Child – Part II


“A Matter of Time” (2009)

  1. Into the Deep
  2. Indigo
  3. A Matter of Time 


Line Up

  • Irene Mondino – Vocals
  • Fabio La Manna – Guitars, Keyboards
  • Mauro Mana – Bass
  • Andy O. Monge – Drums



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