All Ends – “A Road to Depression” (2010)


Label : Nuclear Blast Records

Review By Tony Cannella

The Swedish duel female fronted band All Ends first came on to the metal scene in 2007 with their debut EP “Wasting Life” they followed that up a few months later with their self-titled full-length debut, since then All Ends has replaced one of their female vocalists Emma Gelotte with Jonna Sailon. Now the band has returned freshly signed to a new label (Nuclear Blast) and with their new singer on board to unleash “A Road to Depression” on an unsuspecting metal world. Fans who are familiar with their previous work already know that All Ends specialize in melodic metal that potentially can have a very broad appeal and “A Road to Depression” does nothing to dispel this. Starting with the opening four songs “Obvious”, “Generation Disgrace”, “I Know Who I Am” and “I’m a Monster”, “A Road to Depression” is off to a great start. The songs are undeniably catchy, with strong hooks and choruses and the duel lead vocals provided by Jonna Sailon and Tinna Karlsdotter are really well done. After the mid-tempo “Hear Me Now”, All Ends tears into next track, the riff heavy “Area 1 (Hope and Fear)”. The track “Don’t Be Scared” goes through a number of tempo changes and has an anthemic vibe to it. “Nobody’s Story” is an emotional piano ballad that features just a spine chill inducing vocal performance. The trio of “Stupid People”, “Wretch” and “Road to Depression” brings the CD to a close. All Ends has grown in leaps-and-bounds since their first EP in 2007. Featuring 43-minutes worth of music “A Road to Depression” should make a huge impression on fans who love melodic metal.

Rating – 87/100



  1. Obvious
  2. Generation Disgrace
  3. I Know Who I Am
  4. I’m a Monster
  5. Hear Me Now
  6. Area 1 (Hope and Fear)
  7. Don’t Be Scared
  8. Nobody’s Story
  9. Stupid People
  10. Wretch
  11. Road to Depression


Line Up

  • Tinna Karlsdotter – Vocals
  • Jonna Sailon – Vocals
  • Fredrik Johansson – Guitars
  • Peter Mardklint – Guitars
  • Anders Janfalk – Bass
  • Joseph Skansas – Drums 



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