Ally the Fiddle – “Red Unicorn” EP (2008)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Now for something completely different. Germany’s Ally The Fiddle play instrumental folk metal in which the violin is one of the more prominent instruments featured. The band is led by female Almut “Ally” Storch-Hukriede (Fiddle/E-Violin) who is also a member of the band Haggard, Robert “Rob” Klawonn (Guitar), Peter Grüzmann (Guitar), Tim Schallenberg  (Bass) and Stefan “Huky” Hukriede (Drums). The band have just issued their debut EP titled Red Unicorn and it is quite a unique and interesting release.  The opening track “Catharsis” is really an energetic shot of adrenalin to begin things. The violin virtuosity of Ally Storch-Hukriede is at the fore, but the guitar playing of Rob Klawonn and Peter Grüzmann are quite impressive and noticible as well. The next track “Glenglass” is a bit of a change of pace from the first track and one of the very best that this CD has to offer. It’s overall tone and tempo is melancholic and mournful. “The Mason’s Apron” begins with a heavy drum beat courtesy of Stefan Hukriede and some frenzied fiddle playing join the fray. This is the fastest number that is offered up here. “Days of the Thunder” is probably the most metal song included here. It’s definitely a heavy, guitar oriented track, but the violin playing is still featured quite prominently – especially in the last 2-minutes of the song. The best is saved for last with the title track. “Red Unicorn” is a piece that comes the closest to incorporating vocals, with the female whispered spoken word parts performed by Saschia HaibergIt’s true that Ally The Fiddle are an interesting band and an acquired taste for some, but there is no denying the talent and musicality that flows through the 5-songs and 25-minutes worth of music that can be found on “Red Unicorn”. Each and every one of the songs have a different tempo than the last adding to the overall variety of the material. Ally The Fiddle are really a band that is worthy of admiration and respect.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Catharsis
  2. Glenglass
  3. Mason’s Apron
  4. Days of Thunder
  5. Red Unicorn


Line Up

  • Sashia Haiberg – Vocals
  • Ricardo Mönk – Screams
  • Almut “Ally” Storch-Hukriede – Fiddle, Violin & Viola
  • Peter Grüzmann – Acoustic Guitar
  • Robert Glawonn – Electric Guitar
  • Constanze Stieber – Classical Harp
  • TIm Schallenberg – Bass 
  • Stefan Hukriede – Drums, Percussion



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