Alpine Fault – “Iraena’s Ashes” (2011)


Label : Rare Breed Records

Review by Tony Cannella

From New Zealand comes Alpine Fault. Their debut album “Iraena’s Ashes” combines old school and modern metal riffs with a pretty unique concept lyrically. Alpine Fault was formed in 2005 and their music can be described as power metal combined with symphonic metal. The story told within the lyrics of “Iraena’s Ashes” is based on true events. Iraena Asher was an Auckland (New Zealand) school teacher who disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 2004 and that is what makes up the concept of “Iraena’s Ashes”. The songs flow nicely, starting with the power metal of the opening track “Into the Night”. Lead vocalist Nadia Vanek has a wide vocal range that occasionally hits operatic territory. Guitarist Antony Royle contributes male vocals, and also on display is a full-time violinist (Yvette Van Wyk). Next is the 8-minute “Above the Storm”. This is the longest song and packs plenty of power with a very infectious stop/start guitar riff being played throughout. There are some albums that have great music, and others that you pay more attention to the lyrics, “Iraena’s Ashes” is one of those album where the lyrics really make an impression and help paint a picture of the story in your head. “I’ll See You Soon” starts off acoustically as the mournful violin joins in and gives it a sad quality; the song eventually gets heavier, but for the most part it is a mid-tempo number and one of the best songs on “Iraena’s Ashes”. Other highlights include: “Requiem”, “The Watcher Beneath” and “Under a Dying Sky”. With “Iraena’s Ashes”, Alpine Fault set out to do something ambitious for a debut and it succeeds on most levels. The musicianship is excellent, Nadia Vanek’s voice is enchanting and the songs are first rate.

Rating – 95/100



  1. Into the Night
  2. Above the Storm
  3. I’ll See You Soon
  4. Mourning Has Broken (Sleep)
  5. Requiem
  6. The Watcher Beneath
  7. Severance
  8. March of the Tides (Palladio)
  9. Under a Dying Sky


Line Up

  • Nadia Vanek – Vocals
  • Antony Royale – Vocals & Guitar
  • Yvette Van Wyk – Violin
  • Kalen Austin – Guitars
  • Ben Trappitt – Bass
  • Daniel O’Brien – Drums



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