Aluna – “Fall to Earth” EP (2008)


Label: Catacomb Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Okay, first things first. The psychedelic, blues, doom metal band from the UK, Aluna has undergone a name change. As of January 1st 2009 the band will be known as Alunah. They have just issued their debut 3-song EP titled “Fall to Earth”. I’ve said it before that one of the fun and interesting things about reviewing CDs is the chance of getting exposed to music that I normally would never get the chance to hear. The education continues. This 3-song collection begins with “Spend My Time”. It has a pretty solid, heavy riff going throughout courtesy of guitarist Dave. Female singer Sophie has a unique understated, laid back approach (that is not a bad thing). The song remains pretty consistent throughout and also incorporates a bit of a dreamy vibe with the vocals and the music. Almost trance-like. Track number 2 is entitled “Son et Luminaire” and of the three songs I would have to say that this is my favorite. It keeps the heaviness going. There is a lot going on in this track as it speeds up nearing the end. Very cool. From there the band segues into a very cool Sabbath-like heavy riff for the the final song “Show Me How”. This is just a straight forward heavy rocker that never wavers throughout and is a perfect way to end things as the band really prove what they are about. Alunah are an interesting band that combines a number of influences to good effect. The songs contained on “Fall to Earth” are indeed heavy and doomy sounding as the three songs and 16-minutes worth of music will attest to. Aluna are a band that is worthy of respect and fans of the psychedelic, blues, doom metal genre might want to give this band a listen. In browsing the bands web site, I actually became aware that they have done another demo and appeared on several compilation albums. If your choice in music falls in the doom metal genre, give Alunah a listen and support them.



  1. Spend My Time
  2. Son Et Luminaire
  3. Show me How


Line Up

  • Sophie Willet – Vocals, Guitars 
  • Dave – Guitars
  • Andy – Bass 
  • Jake Mason – Drums 



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