Anabioz – “…to Light” (2010)


Label : Irond LTD/Black Tower Productions

Review By Tony Cannella

The Russian Folk Metal band Anabioz has been in existence since 2003. They released their full-length debut “Through Darkness” in 2008 and have now returned with their newest album “…to Light”. Anabioz features the duel male/female vocals of Anton and Olga (she contributes violin as well). The violin dominated instrumental title track gets things going and segues into “Good Ale, Strong Ale”. “There the River Sings” is a mid-tempo number with some softer moments. The vocals are split pretty evenly throughout the 11-song, 62-minute disc. At almost 9-minutes long, “Fires of War” is a big sweeping epic and one of the highlights for me. Other highlights include: “Brotherhearts”, “Hunt For Hunter”, “Demon’s Circle” and “Feeling The Rain”. Male vocalist Daimon offers a Death Metal style, while Olga counters with her high pitch, almost operatic delivery to present us with completely contrasting styles. The music is brutally heavy at times and at others beautiful with the violin also being used as a main instrument. The genre of Folk Metal has really continued to grow and flourish, thanks to bands like Anabioz who continue to raise the level of Folk Metal on “…to Light”.

Rating – 87/100



  1. …to Light
  2. Good Ale, Strong Ale
  3. There the River Sings
  4. Fires of War
  5. Brotherhearts
  6. Hunt for Hunter
  7. Voice of the North
  8. За Стеной Снегов
  9. Demon’s Circle
  10. Родная Сторона
  11. Feeling the Rain


Line Up

  • Olga – Vocals & Violin
  • Dmitry – Bass
  • Anton Zhukov – Guitar 
  • Damir – Guitar
  • Alexandr – Drums



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