AnachroniA – “One Second Before…” (2010)


Label : Great Dane Records

Review By Tony Cannella

France’s AnachroniA have already released one full-length (“The Endless Agony”) back in 2004.  Now the band has returned to showcase their brand of melodic progressive metal on the newest opus “One Second Before”. For those who have not been familiar with this talented French band (like myself), then they will come as something of a revelation. Starting with the deliberate, crunchy riffing of the opener “Winter Always Turns to Spring”, AnachroniA gets things off and running with a barrage of riffs and blasts of heaviness. The next track, “Chimaira Builders” is just as heavy as the previous song but also features plenty of atmosphere and a main guitar riff that you just can’t shake. Lead vocalist Fay has got a cool, bordering on (but not quite) operatic style. Suffice it to say she can hit some pretty high notes but she is more concerned with her vocals fitting in with the music (which they do, quite well) than performing vocal gymnastics. Zwayn is also there to lend his harsh vocals to the material.  On the third track, “Inflamed” the two vocal styles are displayed equally, but this is also one of the best songs here, thanks to an undeniably infectious melody. The 2-minute ballad “Last Prayer – Part One” gives way to the all-out thunderously technical, bordering on thrash metal assault of “Last Prayer – Part Two”. Following the brutality of the previous track, AnachroniA change things up a bit with folk metal vibe of “What Dreams May Come”. The closing number is “Epitaph”. This is a great way to end it and the band concludes the CD with quite possibly their best song. This song is a multi faceted tour de force and I can’t think of a better way to end the CD. With “One Second Before”, AnachroniA has laid the foundation for something potentially very special. It is always a cool feeling when a new band comes along and reminds you of why you love this form of music in the first place. For me, AnachroniA are one such band. 

Rating – 96/100



  1. Winter Always Turns to Spring
  2. Chimaira Builders
  3. Inflamed
  4. Last Prayer – Part One
  5. Last Prayer – Part Two
  6. What Dreams May Come
  7. Secret of Sciences
  8. You Were Wrong – Part One
  9. You Were Wrong – Part Two
  10. The Least
  11. Sekhmet
  12. Epitaph


Line Up

  • Fay – Lead Vocals
  • Zwayn – Grunts
  • Adrien – Guitar
  • Ben – Guitar
  • Fab – Bass
  • DJP – Drums, Samples 



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