Anathema – “Weather Systems” (2012)


Label : KScope Music

Review by Luisa Mercier

There are records that have the power to leave you completely speechless, to leave you there wondering if what you have just listened was just music or also something else. Records that are able to raise such a storm of emotions that you cannot even say what you are feeling in that moment. This is what I felt when I listened for the first time to “Weather Systems”, the new Anathema masterpiece. It is the perfect follower of “We Are Here Because We Are Here” retaining the same mood, full of light and atmosphere. You cannot help but crying on the melodies contained in “Untouchable part 2” or “The Storm Before the Calm”, every time you will be surrounded by melancholy and nostalgia. Musically speaking, the album is a little bit rockier, but there are songs like the two already mentioned that have completely different structure, relying mostly on vocals, piano and electronica. A bigger role now is played by Lee Douglas, the female singer, who sings much more than just some versed and the whole “Lightning Song”, who will give you chills. I cannot really pick up a song that will stand over the others, thay are all unique on their own right, perfect and fragile. Anathema succeeded in building a caleidoscope of feelings, ranging from calm to sadness to a hint of despair in “The Gathering of Clouds” and as I have said to someone if you cannot be moved listening to “Weather Systems”, you must have a heart of stone.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Untouchable part 1
  2. Untouchable part 2
  3. The Gathering of Clouds
  4. Lightning Song
  5. Sunlight
  6. The Storm Before The Calm
  7. The Beginning and The End
  8. The Lost Child 
  9. Internal Landscapes


Line Up

  • Vincent Cavanagh – Vocals, keyboards & programming
  • Lee Douglas – Vocals
  • Daniel Cavanagh – Acoustic guitars, Piano & Keyboards
  • Jamie Cavanagh – Bass
  • John Douglas – Drums



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