Label : KScope Records 

Review By Tony Cannella

From the U.K., Anathema are a long-running atmospheric metal band. Their career first started way back in 1990, with the band releasing their full-length debut in 1993. In that time they have built up quite a cult following all over the world, and now with the release of their new album, “We’re Here Because We’re Here”, Anathema are sure to build up their fan base even more. The majority of the vocals are handled by Vincent Cavanagh with Lee Douglas adding female vocals throughout the album. The songs on “We’re Here Because We’re Here” continues the evolution of this legendary band. The songs are well thought out – and at times – progressive and quite addicting. With a playing time of about 1-hour, “We’re Here…” includes a couple of songs in the 7 – 8 minute range, with the best of these being, “A Simple Mistake”. This song features some outstanding musicianship and great male and female vocals. The track, “Everything” quickly became a favorite, with it’s piano driven opening as the song builds slowly and the vocals provided by Vincent Cavanagh and Lee Douglas work well together. Other highlights include, “Angels Walk Among Us” (featuring Ville Vallo of H.I.M. on backing vocals), “Universal”, “Presence” and “Hindsight”. There are quite a few big, orchestral moments throughout the CD. Even though Anathema have been at it for 20-years, they continue to release good, quality music, “We’re Here Because We’re Here” is a testament to the longevity and consistency of Anathema.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Thin Air
  2. Summernight Horizon
  3. Dreaming Light
  4. Everything
  5. Angels Walk Among Us
  6. Presence
  7. A Simple Mistake
  8. Get Off, Get Out
  9. Universal
  10. Hindsight


Line Up

  • Vincent Cavanagh – Vocals, Guitars
  • Lee Douglas – Female Vocals
  • Daniel Cavanagh – Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
  • Les Smith – Keyboards
  • Jamie Cavanagh – Bass
  • John Douglas – Drums



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