Ancestral Legacy – “Nightmare Diaries” (2010)


Label : Femme Metal Records

Review By Tony Cannella

Norway’s Ancestral Legacy formed in 1995 and play symphonic black metal in 2005 they released their debut full-length titled “of Magic Illusions”, the band returns now with their long awaited follow-up “Nightmare Diaries”. The bands complex form of Black Metal also includes some hints of progressive music and nice acoustic passages throughout the entirety of this 10-song 56-minute opus. The band includes two singers: a male (Eddie Risdal – who provides the harsh vocals) and a female (Elin Anita Omholt) to give the songs a contrasting clash of styles. The band has since undergone a line-up change with Mexican vocalist Isadora Cortina replacing Elin Anita Omholt.The very strong opening track “Out of the Dark and Into the Night” gets things off to an energetic start and really sets the tone for what is to follow. All of the elements are there on this one, the cool duel vocals of Elin and Eddie, and some nice tempo and mood changes really lift this song, not to mention a cool guitar solo. The next song “Separate Worlds” is just pure aggression and heaviness. “Chosen Destiny” is one the absolute highlights for me, as the band slow down the tempo a bit, while still maintaining the heaviness of the previous songs – the duel vocals are especially strong on this one with Elin taking the bulk of the vocals, But Eddie joins on the chorus. Other highlights include: “Perhaps in Death”, “Done”, “…My Departed” and “The Shadow of the Cross”. A good second release from this Norwegian band. It is cool how the band combines melodic music with some truly heavy and angry sounding music. I have to admit that I wasn’t familiar with Ancestral Legacy‘s music prior to this, but after having the pleasure to hear “Nightmare Diaries”, I now consider myself a fan. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait another five years for album number 3.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Out of the Dark and Into the Night 
  2. Separate Worlds 
  3. Chosen Destiny 
  4. Perhaps In Death 
  5. Trapped Within the Words 
  6. Done 
  7. Still 
  8. Tomorrow’s Chance 
  9. …My Departed 
  10. The Shadow of the Cross


Line Up

  • Elin Anita Omholt – Vocals
  • Eddie Risdal – Guitar, Harsh Vocals & Synth
  • Tor Arvid Larsen – Guitar
  • Eddie Risdal – Guitar, Harsh Vocals
  • Atle Johanssen aka Anton Dead – Bass
  • Christopher Midtsvéen Vigre – Drums



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