Angeli di Pietra – “Storm Over Scaldis” (2009)


Label : CCP Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Are you ready for some power/folk metal? Or folk/power metal? Whatever the case may be, those two styles of music are not normally associated with one another but that is the style of music played by Antwerp, Belgium’s Angeli di Pietra. The band started in 2002 and have already released two demos and an EP. This now, is the their full-length debut titled “Storm Over Scaldis” and it is quite an impressive output that really shows what this band is capable of – and then some. The band is fronted by two vocalists. Sjoera Roggeman is the female vocalist and handling the male (brutal style) vocals is Guy van Campenhout.  The intro track “Tempest” begins things and it is only about 40-seconds of crashing thunder sounds that leads us into the relentless track “Ride Into Oblivion”. It begins with a killer guitar riff and frenzied, up-tempo rhythm as the the duel vocals of Sjoera and Guy come in. The contrast between the two styles are interesting in the way they are singing parts of the song together and other parts the pair alternate between lines of the song. Her style is Operatic while his is of a more brutal metal style. The song has a definite classic power metal feel to it, especially when it comes to the solo. “For Us, Fallen Ones” is a huge highlight and a favorite of mine. Again it begins with a classic sounding riff and the two vocalists really work well together. The song is interesting in that it is tailored to whoever is singing at the moment. The music on the parts sung by Guy are heavy, almost thrashy while Sjoera‘s parts are more melodic and symphonic. Definitely a unique way of song writing and the band deserves high marks for this. The next track “Mananna Mac Lir” begins with a violin solo that lasts for about a minute, but don’t get to comfortable as the tranquility and serenity is soon brought to an end by the heaviest of guitar riffs. Overall this is probably the heaviest track on the CD. The title song “Storm Over Scaldis” lasts for about 3-minutes and it is an instrumental. The musicians are all really allowed to shine on this one. Other highlights include: “Lindisfarne”, “Medusa” and “Torquemada”. The final two tracks “Forlorn” and “Legendary Forest” brings the CD to a close and it is a great way to end things. “Storm Over Scaldis” features 11-tracks and 42-minutes worth of impressive music that covers several different genres. The band present their material with the confidence of a veteran band. The musicianship is solid and the songs are well written. I am not sure if the band would consider this a concept album, but the songs have a cohesive vibe that seems to tie the songs together in a conceptual direction. Angeli di Pietra have released an interesting piece of work that gets better and better with each listen. All you power metal aficionados would be well advised to check this band out.

Rating – 85/100



  1. The Tempest (Intro)
  2. Ride Into Oblivion
  3. For Us, Fallen Ones
  4. Manannan Mac Lir
  5. Frost
  6. Storm Over Scaldis
  7. Lindisfarne
  8. Medusa
  9. Torquemada
  10. Forlon
  11. Legendary Forest

Line Up

  • Sjoera “Cyradis” Roggeman – Vocals
  • Guy “Vortigem” Van Campenhout – Vocals
  • Gael “Blackheart” Sortino – Guitars
  • Quevin “Galatorn” Marcsson – Guitars
  • Kurt “Aphelion” Hermans – Bass & Vocals
  • Vincent “Da Vinci” Pichal – Drums  



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