Angelical Tears – “Angelical Tears” EP (2010)


Independent Release

Review By Tony Cannella 

From Oklahoma, comes the Gothic Rock/Metal band Angelical Tears. Their debut 6-song EP features 22-minutes worth of songs with dark, haunting melodies that at times are reminiscent of Evanescence. Angelical Tears are fronted by the formidable vocals of Julia Flansburg. First off, Angelical Tears has crafted a fine debut with the songs on their self-titled EP. The production is excellent and the songs are well written and performed.  From the opening track “No More” – which is a great, heavy opener – the band highlights the strong vocals of Julia Flansburg. This is also the one song to include rough male vocals. The third track “Dreams” features a number of tempo changes and is my favorite of the 6 included here. “Tomorrow Happens Now” is only about 3-minutes long but it is a fast paced up-tempo track that is another highlight. The closing two tracks the hauntingly melodic “Darkness” and the piano heavy ballad “Chasing Eternity” brings “Angelical Tears” to a great conclusion. Angelical Tears has what it takes to be a major talent in the realm of Female Fronted Metal. The band are currently working on music for a full-length studio album which should – hopefully – see the light-of-day in 2011, until then fans of dramatic Female Fronted Metal should get acquainted with Angelical Tears via this excellent EP.

Rating – 88/100



  1. No More
  2. Save Me
  3. Dreams
  4. Tomorrow Happens Now
  5. Darkness
  6. Chasing Eternity 


Line Up

  • Julia Flansburg – Vocals
  • Steven Bittle – Guitars, Vocals
  • Derek Teague – Guitars
  • Jennifer Corbin – Keyboards
  • Glenn Flansburg – Bass
  • John Kenerson – Drums 



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