Aperion – “Act of Hybris” (2010)


Independent Release 

Review By Tony Cannella

From Slovenia, Aperion plays symphonic power metal with operatic vocals supplied by Zala. The band has just released their debut “Act of Hybris” and it contains 13-songs and 47-minutes worth of dramatic metal music with strong symphonic leanings. Aperion has quite a big line-up. Featuring 8 or so members, the band not only includes the usual guitar, bass, drums but also manages to incorporate cello, flute and violin as regular instruments. Another thing that struck me about the band is the vocal chops of Zala. Of course the opera thing has been done quite a lot over the last few years and they are all great but Zala has a real depth and power to her voice and does not rely on her operatic style all of the time. There is no doubt that “Act of Hybris” is a solid album from start-to-finish but my favorites would have to be: “Source”, “Ocean”, “Maya”, the pretty ballad “Fairytale Mind” and the up-tempo violin heavy instrumental “Fe+”. The track “Dajte” is another one that definitely stands out. This song is half instrumental (it has sort of a polka vibe to it, really!) before Zala’s vocals join in half way through. Incredible song! It would be difficult to go through “Act of Hybris” song-by-song because each track is different from the last. Just suffice it to say that “Act of Hybris” is a fun and interesting listen and is worth checking out if you are into the operatic, symphonic metal thing. Admittedly I am very partial to this kind of music. On “Act of Hybris”, Aperion has created a sort of musical journey and the destination is very rewarding.


Rating – 95/100



  1. Source
  2. Ocean
  3. Shine
  4. Urma
  5. Light
  6. Maya
  7. Fairytale Mind
  8. Black Flies
  9. The Truth
  10. Fe +
  11. Dajte
  12. The Concept


Line Up

  • Zala Hodnik- Vocals
  • Crt Birsa – Guitar & Vocals
  • Samo Dervisic – Cello 
  • Tinka Muha – Flute 
  • Martin Bezjak – Viola 
  • Ziga Birsa – Didgiredoo 
  • Dani Telebar – Bass
  • Nejc Kolar – Drums 



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