AraPacis – “Consequences of Dreams” (2009)


Label : Femme Metal Records

Review by Tony Cannella

AraPacis are a progressive/goth/rock/metal band from Canada – whew! That’s a mouthful. When you hear their newly released second album, titled “Consequences of Dreams” you’ll see why the band could fit so comfortably into many genres of metal, of course there are some who think categorization is a sin, honestly the best thing is to give AraPacis a listen and decide for yourself where they fall. What can’t be denied however, is the sheer ferocity and diversity of “Consequences of Dreams”.  The chaotic opening track “Consequences of Dreams” kick things into gear in a big, heavy, fierce way. “Solitary Abode”, “The Green Fairy” and “Haunted Forests” keep things going as the band adds plenty of melody to go along with the crashing rhythms and heavy guitar riffs. Probably my favorite track on the CD is the awesome ballad “Death of Loneliness”, a bit of a departure from the other material, but it just fits so hell and it is as haunting as it is beautiful. “Hesitate” brings things up a notch (or two) in the heaviness department. Other highlights include: “Theocracy”, “From The Dark”, “Roadways” and the awesome 8-minute instrumental “Thunder Lizard”that closes the CD.Overall, I was very impressed by this CD. AraPacis are a band that have been creating a pretty strong buzz in the underground and judging by the material contained on “Consequences of Dreams”, that buzz is extremely well deserved. The songs take you in many different directions, so just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Consequence of Dreams
  2. Solitary Abode
  3. The Green Fairy
  4. Haunted Forests
  5. Death of Loneliness
  6. Hesitate
  7. Theocracy
  8. Roadways
  9. From the Dark
  10. Thunder Lizard

Line Up

  • Lizzie Fyre – Vocals
  • Jerry Fielden – Guitars, Keyboards, Mandolin & Vocals
  • Dmitry Mak-Mak – Bass 
  • Pedro Osorio – Drums  



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