Arch Enemy – “Khaos Legion” (2011)


Label : Century Media Records

Review by Tony Cannella

It is hard to believe it has been over a decade since Angela Gossow joined the Swedish melodic death metal outfit Arch Enemy, in that time the band has continuously produced strong albums one after the other, even winning over a lot of fans who were loyal to their previous singer Johan Liiva. Arch Enemy returns with their first new work in four years, titled “Khaos Legions”. The hour long ferocious metal assault begins with the instrumental “Khaos Overture” and leads us into the brutal “Yesterday Is Dead and Gone”. Angela Gossow is at her venomous best as she spits out the lyrics with rapid fire precision and aggression. The Amott brothers continue to add a lot of melody and intricacies to the music. “Bloodstained Cross” begins with a pounding energetic riff and has a definite Thrash Metal vibe to it, and some cool tempo changes. Other highlights include: “Under Black Flags We March”, “No Gods, No Masters”, “Cruelty Without Beauty” and “Vengeance Is Mine”. The Japanese edition features two bonus tracks, one is an Arch Enemy style cover of the Scorpions classic “The Zoo” and an acoustic track called “Snow Bound”. Arch Enemy continues to forge a solid and legendary path In the Death Metal genre, and their new album “Khaos Legions” may be their best yet.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Khaos Overture (Instrumental)
  2. Yesterday is Dead and Gone
  3. Bloodstained Cross
  4. Under Black Flags We March
  5. No Gods, No Masters
  6. City of the Dead
  7. Through the Eyes of a Raven
  8. Cruelty Without Beauty
  9. We Are a Godless Entity (Instrumental)
  10. Cult of Chaos
  11. Thorns In My Flesh
  12. Turn To Dust (Instrumental)
  13. Vengeance Is Mine
  14. Secrets


Line Up

  • Angela Gossow – Vocals
  • Christopher Amott – Guitar
  • Michael Amott – Guitar
  • Sharlee D’Angelo – Bass
  • Daniel Erlandsson – Drums



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