AREA51 – “Goddess” (2010)


Label : Black Listed Records

Review By Tony Cannella 

The third – and latest – album from the Japanese Metal Maestros AREA51 is titled “Goddess” and it continues using the same approach as their previous work while still progressing. Many of the same qualities are at work here that was featured on their previous release. AREA51 continues to provide great, emotive vocalizing from Kate Cain and the guitar virtuosity of Yoichiro Ishina but besides that the band seems to have grown as musicians and songwriters. The 45-minute CD opens with the movie soundtrack-like intro “Naissance” which lead us into the blood pumping Yngwie-esque track “Nightmare”. The next track is the heavy “Regret et Larme”, which quickly became among my favorites. “Begins of Dissolution” is a huge sounding track that mixes different tempos with huge effectiveness. “Marionnette” opens with a great guitar riff which really highlights the track, which is an up-tempo blazing number. Other highlights include: “Miss You”, “VANITAS” and “Sincerity”. Overall, “Goddess” is more stripped down and raw sounding than their previous work. AREA51 are a band that seems to be firing on all cylinders now and “Goddess” is this talented band from Japan at their very best.

Rating – 92/100



  1. Naissance (Intro)
  2. Nightmare
  3. Regret et Larme
  4. Begins of Dissolution
  5. Marionnette
  6. Stillness
  7. Miss You
  9. Sincerity
  10. U. TA. KA. TA 


Line Up

  • Kate Cain – Vocals
  • Yoichiro Ishina – Guitars



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