Arven – Demo (2008)


Independent Release 

Review by Tony Cannella

Hailing from Deutschland, Arven are a six piece (mostly) female band. The one male they feature in their ranks is the drummer Till Felden. The band is completed by Carina Hanselmann (Vocals), Anastacia Schmidt (Guitar), Ines Thome (Guitar), Eva Kreuser (Bass/Vocals) and Lena Yatsula (Keyboards). They have just issued their new 5 song demo. The music featured on the demo is a strong mix of melodic and symphonic metal, that also includes elements of classical and medieval sounding influences. But it all comes together on these 5 songs to make up one of the more impressive demos I have heard in quite some time. The 44 second “Intro” starts things off and leads us into the first track “Ruined Castle”. This song begins with a great heavy and melodic riff that really gets things going in the right direction. Carina comes in with her operatic vocals. This first track also features a great guitar solo. The next song “Music of Light” begins with violin and acoustic guitar but gets heavier around the chorus. Next is “On Flaming Wings”. It is more of a heavier straight forward metal track, with a catchy chorus and an absolutely huge guitar riff. They have saved the best for last with the final track, the 7-minute long “A Strangers Story”. It starts off quietly with some beautiful piano, but then the silence is smashed with the monsterously powerful guitar riff and Carina‘s ever enchanting vocals join in. The song slows down in the middle with more piano and a spoken word bit, before the solo comes in. The vocals of Carina Hanselmann are definitely a high point throughout. She’s got great range and skill and is a perfect compliment to the music, but the whole band does a fine job. Arven are a band that should please fans of Tarja era Nightwish and bands of that ilk. There is plenty of great musicianship on display here and some catchy, infectious guitar riffs. The production and quality is also worth noting here. The entire presentation is first rate and very professional sounding. This was one thoroughly enjoyable listen. I hope to hear more from Arven in the future, and judging from this demo, I’m sure I will. If your tastes lie in the realm of symphonic, epic, melodic power metal, then do yourselves a favor and seek this band out . A true gem.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Intro
  2. Ruined Castle
  3. Music of Light
  4. On Flaming Wings
  5. A Stranger’s Story


Line Up

  • Carina Hanselmann – Vocals
  • Anastacia Schmidt – Guitar
  • Inés Thome – Guitar
  • Lena Yatsula – Keyboards
  • Eva Kreuser – Bass, Vocals 
  • Till Felden – Drums



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