Astray Path – “Desert” (2011)


Label : Heckmann Sounds

Review by Tony Cannella

Germany’s Astray Path released their debut effort “The Hidden Line” in 2008. They have now returned with their sophomore effort titled “Desert”. Fans who liked their debut are in for a treat, because Astray Path has returned with a more focused album, which more than reflects the maturity of the band. “Desert” features a playing time of 10-songs and 50-minutes. Astray Path’s style is still of the Symphonic/Gothic metal variety with front woman Kathrin Kaifel providing her operatic delivery to the songs. There is a concept running through the albums, featuring a narration that pops up at certain points throughout “Desert” to help move the story along. The intro “Breeze Over Dunes” sets the scene and brings us into the bombastic “The Call”. “Hate” is next and opens with a classic metal riff that propels this song as Kathrin’s operatic vocals takes the helm. The over 11-minute epic “Desert” is next and a true epic number. “An Empty Shell” definitely has the potential to be an accessible track for this band, I would never use the dreaded word ‘commercial’ in describing this track, but there is a potential accessibility factor with this song. “Korpeklau” is next, and for me this one stood out the most. It is a bit different than the other material featured here, as there is a definite folk vibe on this song, this track also features maybe Kathrin’s best vocal performance. I just loved this song! Other highlights included: the 9-minute “Night” (another great epic) and the closer “Stell Dir Vor”. “Desert” is a beautifully diverse, well thought out and played second release from Astray Path.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Breeze Over Dunes
  2. The Call
  3. Hate
  4. Desert
  5. An Empty Shell
  6. Korpeklau
  7. Endless Sleep
  8. Sunset
  9. Night
  10. Stell Dir Vor


Line Up

  • Kathrin Kaifel – Vocals
  • Elmar Heckmann – Guitar
  • Simon Kaifel – Keyboards
  • Dora Tanswell – Bass
  • Holger Seitter – Drums


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