Atmosfairy – “Evasion” EP (2009)


Independent Release 

Review by Tony Cannella

From France comes Atmosfairy. Their current line up consists of: Vanessa (vocals & keyboards), Chloe (drums), Emilie (violin & choirs), Vincent (rhythm guitars), JR (lead guitars) and the band is completed by Sylvain on bass. They play an ambient style of metal that also has elements of prog and symphonic metal. All of those influences can be heard on their new 4-song EP “Evasion”. Ok, let’s get into it. The first track “Tombeau pour une Fleur d’Orient” gets things started. It has a slow atmospheric beginning before it builds into a dramatic symphonic track with violins and Vanessa‘s operatic vocals at the forefront. This is a strong opener and the lyrics are sung in their native french as you can probably tell by the title. A nice opener that sets a very high standard. Next, is another song sung in French “Pantin de Bois”. At almost 8-minutes this is the the longest track that is presented here and it really has a big, epic feel to it. Again, Vanessa‘s beautiful vocals are at the front here and she really has a great range. This song just really moves along at a slow, heavy pace but it never gets boring. The band does a great job in keeping things interesting and the use of Violins give the songs an almost melancholic-like feel. The final two songs are sung in English. The first of which is the fantastic “Follow Me”. Just a great mid-tempo tune that has plenty of atmosphere and drama. The final song is “Jérusalem” and it definitely finishes things off on a high note. On this song Vanessa shows she can do more than the operatic bit as she really steps it up here. Just a great song and a fantastic way to end things. Check out the cool interplay between the lead guitars and the violins here. With “Evasion”, Atmosfairy have crafted an interesting and exciting EP as these 4-songs and almost 25-minutes worth of music can attest to. The songs are well written, the production is crisp and clean, giving all of the members a chance to really shine and show off their talents. And they are all very talented. All 4-songs on this CD are very enjoyable and a pleasure to listen to. If your tastes lie in symphonic metal with operatic female vocals, than I would implore you to give this band a shot. 

Rating – 85/100



  1. Tombeau pour une Fleur d’Orient
  2. Jérusalem
  3. Follow Me
  4. Pantin de Bois

Line Up

  • Vanessa – Vocals & Keyboards
  • JR – Lead Guitars
  • Vincent – Rhythm Guitars
  • Emilie – Violinist & Choirs
  • Sylvain – Bass 
  • Chloé – Drums 




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