Atrocity feat. Yasmin – “After the Storm” (2010)


Label : Napalm Records

Review By Tony Cannella

The German metal band Atrocity has a long history, dating back to the 80’s. Throughout their career, the band has maintained a high standard of music and has not been afraid to try new things, while still holding on to their metal roots. That fact remains intact, with their newest release, “After the Storm”. On their new album, Atrocity has collaborated with Yasmin Krull the sister of Atrocity frontman Alex Krull. “After The Storm” features 11-songs and 42-minutes worth of metal with an ethnic/world music slant to it. The intro track, “A New Arrival” kicks things off and leads into “Call of Yesteryear”. This is a great track, in my opinion that features the duel vocals of Alex and Yasmin Krull equally. At many points throughout the CD Alex and Yasmin sing their lines together at the same time.“After The Storm” is next and features some neat sounding tribal drums. This track lasts for almost three minutes, and has a slow, laid-back vibe to it. “Black Mountain” is another highlight and one of the heavier more metal oriented tracks here. This is also one the few songs that Alexander Krull uses his aggressive singing style, on most of the album he is singing with a clean voice in conjunction with Yasmin Krull’s pretty vocal delivery. Other highlights include: “As The Sun Kissed The Sky”, “Goddess of Fortune and Sorrow” and “The Otherworld”. With “After the Storm”, Atrocity continues to build upon a strong career and the addition of Yasmin Krull offers another side to this underrated band.

Rating – 85/100



  1. A New Arrival
  2. Call of Yesteryear
  3. After the Storm
  4. Silvan Spirit
  5. Black Mountain
  6. As the Sun Kissed the Sky
  7. Transilvania
  8. The Flight of Abbas Ibn Firnas
  9. Goddess of Fortune and Sorrow
  10. The Otherworld
  11. Eternal Nightside


Line Up

  • Alexander Krull – Vocals
  • Yasmin Krull – Vocals, Flute (session)
  • Thorsten Bauer – Guitars
  • Sander van der Meer – Guitars
  • Alla Fedynitch – Bass
  • Roland Navratil – Drums


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