Ayin Aleph – “I” (2008)


Label : Invencis Limited Records

Review By Tony Cannella

Ayin Aleph is a singer born in Russia and currently residing in the U.S. (Los Angeles). She plays a mix of symphonic, Gothic, progressive and alternative metal, just to name a few genres and sub-genres that she may – or may not belong too. Truth be told, Ayin Aleph is a tough artist to figure out, musically and that is confirmed after listening to her 2008 release “I”. She’s got quite a unique vocal style that really defies description, so I won’t even try to offer a description, suffice it to say, Ayin Aleph is like no other artist I have heard in quite some time. “I” features A LOT of music – over 70-minutes to be precise. The songs and style are all over the map from the aforementioned Gothic, progressive, alternative and even hints of classical and opera and it is hard to see what is coming next. I am not sure if one would consider this a concept album (I didn’t get a chance to read any of the lyrics), but it certainly plays like one. The strength of this CD lies in the diversity of the songs and it shows on such numbers as: “Hamlet”, “Grey Ashes”, “Valpurgis Night” and “The Purchase of the Cathedral”. Give Ayin Aleph high marks for offering the listener something truly unique. Having said that, Ayin Aleph is sure to be an an acquired taste, so if you’re feeling somewhat adventurous than give this band a shot – but proceed with caution, this is not your typical metal band for sure.

Rating – 68/100



  1. My Bloody Marriage
  2. Aleph
  3. Grey Ashes
  4. Butterfly
  5. Bridge
  6. Valpurgis Night
  7. Sebastian’s Prayer
  8. Army of Love
  9. My Bloody Marriage II
  10. The Purchase Of The Cathedral
  11. Black Roses
  12. Es Muss Sein
  13. Alcove Rhapsody
  14. I Came
  15. Greed
  16. The End
  17. I Miss You


Line Up 

  • Ayin Aleph – Vocals, Piano, Keyboards
  • Anthony Scemama – Guitars
  • Mark Mynett – Guitars
  • Jean-Jacques Moreac – Bass
  • Yann Costes – Drums



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