Ayin Aleph – “II” (2008)


Label : Invencis Limited Records

Review By Tony Cannella

“II” is the title of the newly released second CD from Moscow born – and now – France based singer Ayin Aleph. Their first release, “I” saw the light-of-day in early 2008 and it was a unique slice of metal that – quite truthfully – was hard to define or categorize. Good luck finding a genre in which to put this band in and their second album – also released in 2008, is just as difficult to categorize. Musically, I guess there is a little bit of everything thrown in from Classical to Opera, Rock and more, all combined with the beautiful, poetic lyrics and vocals of Ayin Aleph herself. 18-tracks and a playing time of 49-minutes are what you will find on “II”. The songs are all piano driven and the vocals of Ayin Aleph are quite versatile and operatic. Among the 18-tracks, many are short musical or choir interludes that serves as a bridge from one song to the next. The music and lyrics on “II” are darkly poetic and possesses a beauty that transcends your basic metal and rock music. Tracks, in particular that really stood out where, “My Bloody Marriage”, “I Came”, “Aleph”, “Grey Ashes”, and “Es Muss Sein”Ayin Aleph will no doubt be an acquired taste for some, but you really have to admire the fact that she/they set no boundaries or limitations for themselves. One thing is for certain, I have not heard another band quite like Ayin Aleph, and I doubt I ever will. An excellent second release from this very talented musician.

Rating – 78/100



  1. Choirs “I Establish”
  2. My Bloody Marriage
  3. Choir “Water’s Death”
  4. Grey Ashes
  5. Choirs “Foggy God”
  6. Es Muss Sein
  7. Bridge
  8. Aleph
  9. Choirs “Whispering”
  10. I Came
  11. Choir “Burned Forgotten”
  12. Sebastian’s Prayer
  13. Choirs “Drowsy”
  14. The Purchase of the Cathedral
  15. Choirs “In An Old Bewitched”
  16. I Miss You
  17. The End
  18. Choir “White Death”  

Line Up

  • Ayin Aleph – Vocals, Piano & Keyboards
  • Anthony Scemama – Guitar
  • Mark Mynett – Guitar
  • Jean-Jaques Moréac – Bass
  • Yann Costes – Drums



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